Gravel driveways

All Print Drives and Patios, the leading landscaping firm, suggest gravel driveways for clients looking for an economical option. As the leading company in Buckinghamshire, we understand the regulations in the region. There have been some regulations regarding the usage of this type of product. This is because there is a slight possibility that it might become loose with heavy rain. Nevertheless, our company take the necessary precaution to prevent accidents.

The key is to follow a stringent maintenance protocol. Consumers can significantly extend the shelf-life of the driveway by following these measures. Our company provides regular maintenance services at competitive prices to support the consumers. We always evaluate relevant information such as soil type, usage, and weather condition to determine the correct type of gravel. This will tremendously minimise the effects due to the weather and other external factors. Our comprehensive experience allows us to choose suitable gravel and provide the best solutions.